Ultra Modern Equipment

All our equipment is biodegradable. This makes sure that nothing damages the world the way things used to. Our team use natural products, things we find lying around and things that are given to us. 

On all our missions we can choose to use any of the following. It depends on what you want us to do of course.

All our missions  are specifically equipped  for each problem the team faces. Our vast array of organic weaponry and equipment means we have something  for almost every situation. Masterminded by Tag and our M.A.D Computer then assembles everything and the fully automated equipment chamber is where it’s stored. Below is a small selection of just some of the things that help us right wrongs but It depends on what you want us to do of course.

The Infinity reel of Aqua-net – This is great for catching things in the water, super sticky and also very useful to sleep in, although quite tricky to get out of.

Neutralising spray – this will freeze anything that comes into contact with it. Addie regularly gets stuck as he always forgets to read the instructions.

Canisters of laughing gas – this makes everyone laugh and very effective against enemies with no sense of humour. Not to be used in a small space and not to be used for a practical joke. Ever.

Small combat Bazooka: short range cannon that can be fired from the shoulder, fairly accurate in a haphazard way.

The Bazooka fires all manor of things but its first choice is the fur piercing treacle ball. This is a round pellet that on impact expands slightly and sticks like glue to anything remotely hairy, get half a dozen of these babies on you and you’ll end up stuck to anything you come into contact with. some other things it can fire are itchy powder pellets (er they make you itchy) and mustard shells (they make your eyes water and you loose all sense of direction.) Pine cluster shells these spread out over a wide area and make your feet sore if you stand on them not recommended on toast.

Pookie spears – good for general poking and pointing at things.

Banana mortar – Once we changed the shape of these and they stopped coming back to us when fired, they became a very effective knocking things over tool.

Jam tipped treacle shells – delicious on toast. Also effective at blasting through walls. Better on toast though.

Interrogation trampoline onions – these will get anyone to answer any questions. It’s also how we found out why we ran out of  Jam tipped treacle shells. 

Anti slip mission wellies – Very useful to grip the ground. But if you have them on anything over level six you just get stuck where you are standing. You can also make statues with them.

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Pine cone cluster shells – These spread out over a wide area and make your feet sore if you stand on them. They are not nice onToast.

Emergency jars of mission strength peanut butter – This is a delicious sandwich spread. oh, it also can be used to stick things. And you can get stuck in the jar if you are looking for something.

Strawberry grenade – delicious. They blow things up. And you can eat them.

Anti wolverine scud plums – very useful if we need to overpower a beast.

Upgraded comms pack – these replace our old system which involved a lot of shouting and waving at each other.

Lightweight body armour (Harry and Addie) – This offers protection in battle but also means they can carry stuff. So its basically good if you need to carry stuff really.

Treacle bullets – These will stop anything its tracks. Unfortunately they are also delicious. We try to use these before Lunch or they can accidentally end up in the picnic box.

Small combat bazooka –  This is easily carried by a small team member. Addie, is usually that team member.


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Projects Done
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Animals Hurt. (apart from Addie burning the toast)
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