A Mission Most Fowl.

Heroes may change but being heroic stays the same.

‘A Mission most Fowl’ is a comedic road trip aimed at readers ages eleven and upwards.  The chapters have cliff-hanger endings which will serve to engage those readers with shorter attention spans.

 It falls somewhere between ‘The X men’ and ‘Dads Army’.

 At its heart are a unique team of genetically modified animals that inhabit a post-apocalyptic world. These heroes squabble amongst themselves, make mistakes and stop for tea. However, despite their ineptitude they manage to tackle a fierce Duck army that is determined to take over the new world. They do this, despite their differences, by working together.

The team of five are led by Tag a super intelligent pacifist Fox  who found the other members in the vast cavern that is home. Candy is a female cat with slightly rusty psychic powers. She offers insight and instinct which work most of the time. Addie is the last of the Aquatic soldier Dogs who were bred to breathe underwater. He is also the team’s errand boy and cook. Finally, standing over six feet tall, ‘H’, is the Mute Battle chicken that brings muscle to the team. Their inventions and technology compliment their skills at protecting the innocent and keeping the peace.

Along the way they pick up Waldo a very talkative Bee. Separately they appear to be an inept collection of oddballs, but put together they become an irresistible chaotic force. 

The team are based in the cave where they were created. It was formerly a scientific laboratory. They refuse to use the harmful technology that it holds. They have instead created their own organic based technology which is bio-degradable and eco-friendly. This range of gadgets will appeal to any reader wishing to immerse themselves in an alternative world.

‘A Mission Most Fowl’ is ultimately a voyage of discovery as group faced by overwhelming odds learn how to get along with each other until they finally become a family.

It is a humorous and chaotic road trip. There are battles misunderstandings and singing as they overcome each obstacle that confronts them. This is a story that has loyalty to friends and their beliefs very much at its heart. No matter what they face they never break ‘The Golden Rule’.  No one must be killed. This makes things awkward in the heat of battle, and when emotions are running high and they are faced with an evil enemy. However Tags team are determined not to replicate the mistakes of mankind.