So let's meet

The Team




The group’s leader and social conscience.  Tag needed all of his unique skills just to stay alive in the days after the darkness engulfed the world above them.

Deep in an underground bunker only known as the cave hundreds of genetically modified animals try to survive. In one particular lab a solitary fox remains alive unaware of the horror unfolding above, a small rip in one ear and a silver shimmer of fur in his tail gives him his name. Using his training and the unique instinct he has for planning and making things he sets out to explore the cave


ADDIE (Aquadog)


Found floating in the darkness of the water pens by Tag, the fox gradually nursed the only Aquatic dog in the world back to life.

Created to be completely at home in the water Aquadog can swim anywhere even into the deepest darkest waters to find and locate their target. Trained as a Surveillance operative they should be able to blend into any situation and retain information so as to provide intel on their enemies. Sadly Addie has all the swimming skills but none of the above although he has gained a few new talents such as dancing and an unshakeable belief that he can sing. 


The Thinker


In the shadows something is moving, Tag, Addie and Harry feel they are being watched , or at least than can hear quiet tutting coming from the shadows every time they don’t clear up after themselves. Tag finally finds the fourth member of the team asleep in one of the tunnels and Candy the psychic cat is persuaded to join the growing team of survivors.

Her powers are very rare even amongst her own kind but tag sees she can become a real asset to the group all he has to do is get her to follow orders and not let the dog keep singing at her, oh and don’t mention her weight.

The Muscle


Harry the last of the Battle chickens-

In the deepest part of the cave Tag discovers the fighting pits where all the assassins were trained. Only one remains alive and in severe shock, a 6ft battle chicken, deadly, efficient and engineered to operate in silence. Communicating in signed gestures and some form of ancient fowl language. He is the muscle to Tags brains and very soon they set about making the cave their home.

Although he is best in a fight and is lethal with any weapon he has a fear of flying and has an emotional attachment to most kinds of egg, oh and he’s allergic to breadcrumbs.



Waldo-   It’s on one of their early missions that the fifth and final member is found. Waldo is a bee like no other. He has all the diplomacy of a whoopee cushion in a library. He has no sense and even less fear but his misguided bravery helps the team when he puts his life on the line to save the day.

Of course this doesn’t stop him telling Tag when he is wrong at every opportunity and winding up Harry every second of the day.


Life, family, cave.

we will be the difference