“Hero’s may change but being heroic stays the same!”

Tag Tinsel.

A Mission Most Fowl

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“Buckle up for ‘A Mission Most Fowl’ – the cosmic comedy where a bunch of misfits embark on a chaotic road trip, facing overwhelming odds and each other’s questionable life choices. It’s as if ‘Dads Army’ met’Mission Impossible,’ but with more feathers and fewer explosions. Watch as battles, misunderstandings, and impromptu sing-alongs turn this mismatched crew into a family faster than you can say, ‘Are we there yet?’ Loyalty, friendship, and the belief that road trips solve everything – it’s all here, folks. Get ready for a quack-tastic adventure that proves sometimes the most fowl missions bring out the feathered best in us!”




Team Tinsel

The Golden Rule

No living creature can be killed. Especially us.


The Equipment

All our equipment is eco friendly and very often delicious too.

The Spear of truth

We take this mission because it is the right thing to do.


A Few Words About the Team

They are the best and here are some of their reviews.

Meet the dream team, hailed by Mrs. Pigg as “the best,” and yes, they’re so good they even tidy up! Mr. Architrave, the head of the Badgers Forest Warden Society, notes their paperwork might be a bit sticky but is generally in order. Then there’s Gasket, the gnome extraordinaire and owner of “We Fix M.A.D Computers.” He’s the tech wizard they call when the computer is acting up, but he suspects the cat might have a crush on him!

As for reviews, they’re waiting on more, but their previous clients include Wine Gum and his yak buddies from the Barrier Mountains. We rescued them from yetis and even helped organize “This Yak’s Got Talent,” their annual social highlight. And let’s not forget Archie the Albatross and family – we saved him from his own misadventures, an angry wife, and an ocean-going Duck army. When it comes to mishaps and mayhem, our team turns chaos into something a bit more orderly!”

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This Is Why

YOU SHOULD CHOOSE US, quotes from the team:


Certified Experts


Tag Tinsel, our resident superhero with a knack for righting wrongs, proudly declares, “We’ve got a success rate higher than my morning caffeine intake – and trust me, that’s saying something!” 🦸‍♂️☕ “Sure, it takes a bit, blame it on the forest wardens and their obsession with permits. I mean, who knew saving the day required so much paperwork? It’s like fighting villains and battling bureaucracy simultaneously!” 💪📝 Time to superhero up those permit approvals, forest wardens – justice waits for no paperwork!


Quality Services


Addie, the proclaimed maestro of damage control, triumphantly declares, “Consider any mishaps a free service on our superhero tab! Tag here is basically the MacGyver of superheroes – move aside, duct tape, we’ve got a Tag-tastic fixer-upper in the house!” 🦸‍♂️💪 “And just to spice things up, we’re so good at patching stuff that we unintentionally turn your junk into treasure. It’s like a garage sale without the hassle!”

“Okay, Addie, enough yapping.”

“But Tag, you—”

“Hush, Addie! Let’s shift gears before I accidentally ‘upgrade’ your social filter. Now, who’s got a less perilous topic to discuss?” 😂🔧


Affordable Pricing


“Our payment policy is more flexible than a Brit trying to decide whether to call it ‘football’ or ‘soccer’ – we take food, drink, shiny bits, and, well, stuff, I suppose,” announces Addie, munching on a sandwich like it holds the secrets of the universe. 🥪✨

“Addie, we don’t charge a fee. We do it because it’s the decent thing to do.”

“Tag, that’s not what the bee said?”

“Wait, did you just seek financial counsel from a bee? Is this our new budget plan, the ‘Tea and Trade’ strategy?” ☕🐝 Better hope the forest Income Tax Team doesn’t have a beekeeper on staff!

Our recent Photo Booth shoot

For the forest news.

Tag Tinsel:

Superpower –  His brain can figure out almost any problem. 

Strength : For his size medium to strong.

Top speed when running: 30mph (slightly faster when running away from an enemy)

Unique talent:  Planning.

Candy the Psychic Cat: 

Superpower – she can see the memories of things and people, also sometimes sees the future.

Strength – Medium but has razor sharp nails.

Top speed When running – up to 80 mph and in almost total silence.

Unique talent: Can sleep anywhere and often does.

Harry the battle Chicken:

Superpower – his super strength and stealth capability.

Strength – At over 6 feet high and packed with muscle his strength is incredible.

Top speed when running – in high performance wellies he can top 60 mph

Unique talent: Can mime in the ancient language of pigeons.

Waldo the bee:

Strength – The power of words is his strength, he doesn’t shut up.

Top speed when running: He has no need to run as he can fly and is afraid of nothing.

Unique talent: Says what everybody else is thinking, which isn’t always a good thing.

Addie the Aquadog:

Superpower – The ability to swim underwater.

Strength: for his size strong in water and medium out of the water. 

Top speed when running: 25 mph running towards danger and 40mph running away from danger.

Unique talent: Cooking and singing (although the others would probably question the second one as a talent).