“Hero’s may change but being heroic stays the same!”

Tag Tinsel.

A Mission Most Fowl

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‘A Mission Most Fowl’  a voyage of discovery as a group of misfits faced by overwhelming odds learn how to get along with each other until they finally become a family.

It is a humorous and chaotic road trip. There are battles misunderstandings and singing as they overcome each obstacle that confronts them. This is a story that has loyalty to friends and their beliefs very much at its heart.


Team Tinsel

The Golden Rule

No living creature can be killed. Especially us.


The Equipment

All our equipment is eco friendly and very often delicious too.

The Spear of truth

We take this mission because it is the right thing to do.


A Few Words About the Team

They are the best and here are some of their reviews.

“They are the best” Mrs Pigg.

“They are very good and tidy, they even helped with the washing up” Mrs Pigg again 

“ Their paperwork although sometimes sticky is generally in order” Mr Architrave head of the badgers forest warden society

Gasket the gnome with a phone and owner of “we fix M.A.D Computers” “sometimes they call me in to help them when the computer goes wrong, although i think the cat is in love with me..!”

(We have helped a lot of families and are waiting on more reviews)

But some of our previous clients include;

Wine gum and his mates they are a group of Yaks from the barrier mountains, we saved them from some yetis and helped organise their annual social highlight “This Yaks got talent”

Archie the Albatross and family, we saved him from himself and his very angry wife not to mention an ocean going Duck army.

More to follow so watch this space….!

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This Is Why

YOU SHOULD CHOOSE US, quotes from the team:


Certified Experts

“We have a successful record in righting wrongs, even though sometimes it can take a while” says Tag Tinsel “Mainly because the forest wardens and their needs for permits can be a challenge”.


Quality Services

Addie says that “Any damages will be covered by us so no need to worry about your stuff getting damaged as Tag can fix anything.” “Sometimes we even improve the rubbish you already own.…”

“Ok Addie stop talking now!”

“But Tag you said”

“Move on, next subject!”


Affordable Pricing

“Our fee can be covered by food, drink, shiny things and erm stuff really” says Addie munching on a sandwich.

“Addie we don’t charge a fee, we do it because it’s the right thing to do”

“Tag that’s not what the bee said ?”

Our recent Photo Booth shoot

For the forest news.

Tag Tinsel:

Superpower –  His brain can figure out almost any problem. 

Strength : For his size medium to strong.

Top speed when running: 30mph (slightly faster when running away from an enemy)

Unique talent:  Planning.

Candy the Psychic Cat: 

Superpower – she can see the memories of things and people, also sometimes sees the future.

Strength – Medium but has razor sharp nails.

Top speed When running – up to 80 mph and in almost total silence.

Unique talent: Can sleep anywhere and often does.

Harry the battle Chicken:

Superpower – his super strength and stealth capability.

Strength – At over 6 feet high and packed with muscle his strength is incredible.

Top speed when running – in high performance wellies he can top 60 mph

Unique talent: Can mime in the ancient language of pigeons.

Waldo the bee:

Strength – The power of words is his strength, he doesn’t shut up.

Top speed when running: He has no need to run as he can fly and is afraid of nothing.

Unique talent: Says what everybody else is thinking, which isn’t always a good thing.

Addie the Aquadog:

Superpower – The ability to swim underwater.

Strength: for his size strong in water and medium out of the water. 

Top speed when running: 25 mph running towards danger and 40mph running away from danger.

Unique talent: Cooking and singing (although the others would probably question the second one as a talent).